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THIS ENTIRE PAGE IS RE- THE MONDAY WOMENS LEAGUE. To discuss the Sunday CoEd option text 503380453 for info.

Skill levels in the Monday Womens League: COMPETITIVE or INTERMEDIATE or RECREATIONAL- you will play teams from OUT of your skill level but its good to indicate your skill level so we try to keep you within your and the adjacent skill levels for your games.

Location of games for Monday Womens league: Most games will be played at Beaverton Hoop YMCA, Muslim Education Trust (Tigard) and Hillside Community Center (653 NW Culpepper Terrace).

Times of games for Monday Womens league: 6:50pm to 9:20pm tipoff times

Cost for Monday Womens league: go to main page of website, click on Register Team

Schedule for Monday Womens league: click on the Monday link (as your schedule is posted there weekly)

Three things to do- for teams joining the Monday Womens League:
1) All players - fill out and submit a Waiver Form

2) Players - please take a look at how we call fouls - thanks

3) Click here for rules related to uniforms

About Repeat Matchups in the Monday Womens League: In the past, PortlandBasketball has strived to give each team the best variety possible but with this comes mismatches... So we intereviewed players and team captains and after that input- we are changing our priority/policy to focus more on having more even matchups. This means REPEAT MATCHUPS will now be considered a good thing (you will play the same teams more than 1 time per season in an effort to focus on even matchups over getting variety).

Uniforms required: teams enjoy an 'organized look' of a league so do your part as a participant (for your opponents) & make sure that your team has matching jerseys (same color). The league can sell jerseys- at your game site for $20 per uniform (a black & white reversible jersey with a #); simply text 503-380-4539 that you need a jersey and we will text back telling you to pay & how to ask the gym supervisor for a jersey on your way in the gym.

If your team is missing players: you need to bring everyone you can- even if its 2 players- because even with 2 players we/PortlandBasketball.com can recruit to make sure you get to 5 players (all the women teams committed to this concept- of showing up with 'however few' you have vs cancelling and its been going great, we went from a lot of games not occurring to now- EVERY GAME OCCURS). Text 503-380-4539 if you need players & we will get you players (we have text databases we can hit immediately - lists of people willing to 'fill in' for these situations). We have a staff member devoted to this on every game night- so even if you find out you are short with 45minutes before your game, TEX us (do your part to keep our league a 'weekly workout' with no cancellations- thanks).

Individuals- there are two ways for you to play in this Monday Womens league:

1) join our individuals team for $99- and you will be ON a team playing 8 games on Monday nights. Text 503-380-4539 (& Mikal will text you back with how to pay and when you start (the reason we do this by text is- often you may join a game or two or three IN the season so we need to pro-rate your price to get you in).

2) you can play in this league each & every Monday via our PicktoPlay page; click on PicktoPlay & you will see that 'PicktoPlay' is a way for individuals to play on a league team one game at a time (ore expensive than joining a team for the season, but a good option for many players). You will notice that the PicktoPlay page has 20 games in a week and only 1 game is for the Monday Womens league, but women can/should do any of those 20 PicktoPlay games you see (restated- women play with men in our mens/open league all the time so feel free to play in any of the games you see on the PicktoPlay page).