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MASTERS 40+ (this page- this info- is relevant to WOMEN of all ages)

What is a Masters Player?

Men 40 plus

Women 18 plus - adding 'women 18 & up' to Masters is new; we have found that women players play very similar to over 40 Men- in that the typically play smart- good basketball with good ball movement- and both play below the rim. Ever since we 'added' women to 'Masters players category' we have found a home for both and the fit is perfect. Restated, the program you will read about below is for Men (40+) and Women (18+) and the fit/ball movement/pace of the game is very unique, its a wonderful game. Come join us!

Here is what we do NOT do for Masters players:

After 27 years of desparately trying to form a Masters League and even having 200 teams to pull from, 'Masters league' does NOT work. So- lets talk about the 1 thing we will be doing for Masters players-

What we do: we run 2 MASTERS games every Sunday (50 Sundays/year)

We have 2 GAMES that we run for Masters age players that occur on Sundays at 10:40am and 11:35am at Columbia Christian School - 9100 East Burnside (Portland). The game has a supervisor- scoreboard- teams wearing black/white jerseys- but it is really 14 players showing up- getting divided onto 2 team and playing a game. This is a league style game but it is more of a CLUB of 14 players- playing at the same time and place every Sunday. The point of this game/program is to play at a Masters pace (a slower game- a smart game). We run 2 of these games back to back; some players sign up & pay to play in both games.

Restated: think of this- as a 14 person basketball CLUB that shows up same time, same place every Sunday- to play a game designed for 'Masters' players.

WHY you should join this Masters Basketball Club? when you pay for a number of Sundays, your payment 'forces' you to get that weekly/ongoing workout- and your body and your health benefit. A second reason you should join- is that 'knowing that you have a game every Sunday' gives you a reason to eat better and gives you incentive to get your other workouts in.

Join: Text Mikal at 503-380-4539 & Mikal will respond with how many Sundays you will get and what you need to pay. The reason you do not see a 'set' fee in here- is depending on the week you reach out to us- there might be XX number of Sundays left in any given session; restated- we will individualize ('pro rate') a price for you (based on # of weeks left).

Side note: Masters age players can play in non-masters games as well; text 503-380-4539 for that info about 'other games' on other days to choose from.

The above described option is 50 Sundays per year.