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Friday Basketball League

League Notes:
1) Team Schedule: while you're all together in the gym today, talk about NEXT week, and let us know of any changes to next week's schedule, or if you want, any input on tonight.  Text or voicemail to office line. We are able to accommodate most input if given time enough. 503 597 8819
2) Stop Clock Rule change: Last 2 Minutes: clock now 'Toggles' in/out time based on the 6pt (Stop Clock) / 7pt (Run Clock) limit.
3) Friday Winter 2: Your team will play 7 games over 6 weeks as our dates for Thur Win2 are: Jan 6, 13, 20, 27th, Feb 3, 10th.
Friday January 20th (week 3 of 6)
UnderBold means two games this day
Crew Chief Referee Gym Lead Time Location Home Team Visitor Team
JJ Plays Penn plays 6:00pm @ Hillside Community Center Zero Ref Game vs Zero Ref Game
Peterson-J Penn-L Peterson-J 7:10pm @ Hillside Community Center Pick to Play vs LeadPoint Aztecas (game 2)
Peterson-J Penn-L Peterson-J 8:10pm @ Hillside Community Center Pick to Play vs Archers (game 7)
Stinson-D Tillman-M Stinson-D 7:00pm @ Warner Pacific College EVO vs Halo Halo
Stinson-D Tillman-M Stinson-D 7:55pm @ Warner Pacific College Boat Tows vs KOBEEE

OFF DAYS - here is the list of teams and which date they will play this game:

We have some amazing matchups- for you- on 1 off-day per season.

Imagine your perfect matchup- a 5 point game- against a team you have never played against.

By playing 1 off-day per season, you will get that great game.

And in fact, because the other leagues will be (playing on an off-day, too)- you will get another great matchup.

So our off-day program will possibly give you 2 new teams to play a close game against! Its all about VARIETY and PARITY.

If your a Masters Team, you will get to play another Masters team from another day, if your an A team, you get an A team from another day.

That all being said, we realize that your time/days are valuable and spoken for-- so we want to give you advance notice of this off-day.

Please note your off day of play (now)- and make the appropriate adjustments ahead of time so you can make this game:

Team Off Day
Team 1 Monday
Team 2 Tuesday
Team 3 Wednesday
Team 4 Thursday
Team 5 Friday
Team 6 Saturday
Team 7 Sunday
Team 8 Monday
Team 9 Tuesday
Team 10 Wednesday
Team 11 Thursday
Team 12 Friday
Team 13 Saturday
Team 14 Sunday
Team 15 Monday
Team 16 Tuesday
Team 17 Wednesday
Team 18 Thursday
Team 19 Friday
Team 20 Saturday
Team 21 Sunday
Team 22 Monday
Team 23 Tuesday
Team 24 Wednesday
Team 25 Thursday
Team 26 Friday
Team 27 Saturday
Team 28 Sunday
Team 29 Monday
Team 30 Tuesday
Team 31 Wednesday
Team 32 Thursday
Team 33 Friday
Team 34 Saturday
Team 35 Sunday
Team 36 Monday
Team 37 Tuesday
Team 38 Wednesday
Team 39 Thursday
Team 40 Friday
Team 41 Saturday
Team 42 Sunday
Friday Fall 1 Standings
# Team Wins Losses W % AVE PF AVG PA AVE DIFF OPP SOS Streak Ranking Points
1 Friends of Christ 5 2 0.71 63 63 11 2.21 L1 33.45
2 Pick to Play 2 1 0.67 83 65 24 2.66 W2 33.16
3 Hall of Famers 1 5 0.17 62 77 17 2.26 L2 26.60



  • We have playoffs: College Football has Playoffs -finally- and so does PortlandBasketball.com! The reason we did not do playoffs in the past is because playoffs- historically have teams no-showing (no shows occurred because 'playoffs' occur in set times & locations that did not fit certain teams needs) and so historically PortlandBasketball.com found that teams would rather have all their games be intentionally scheduled rather than have playoffs that occur in a bad time/location. In fact, PortlandBasketball.com focus is two things we consider more important: 1. we provide parity each week (close games) & 2. we allow for schedule requests.
  • There are 4 championships per year; here is how we define our seasons: each season such as Summer 1 & Summer 2 are separately paid for 7 game seasons, but for the sake of defining a 'Summer Champion', it is the combination of the playing in both Summer 1 & Summer 2 that creates your overall record to get you in the 'Summer Championship tournament' (restated: 'Summer1' & 'Summer2'- will have one Summer champion). Thus, PortlandBasketball.com will have a Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring tournament.
  • Date of playoffs: the final week of the 2nd season (for example- for Spring 1 season & Spring 2 season, the championship will occur on the final date of 'Spring 2' season)
  • Awards: you get a photo- Facebook fame! And you got to play 1 free game (the Championship game is an extra/bonus game).
  • To qualify- requirement #1: to play in the tournament you must have played in both seasons of that 'seasonal name' (example for 'Spring' you must have played in Spring1 & Spring2). Exception: for teams that joined late you can 'pay for extra games' as long as you get to 10 games one week prior to the playoff dates).
  • To qualify- requirement #2: - you must finish in the top 4 rankings (in your skill level) & (from the day that you are playing).
  • To qualify- requirement #3: you must be a team with matching jersey colors (every week) plus you paid on time.
  • The following are the championships that will occur (must play both the 1st & 2nd season- such as Fall1 & Fall2 to be eligible):
  • Monday A
  • Monday B
  • Monday C
  • Monday Rec
  • Monday WOMEN  (top 4 ranked teams after the 2 seasons- will play for the 'Womens league championship')
  • Tuesday (top 4 ranked teams after the 2 seasons- will play for the 'Tuesday league championship')
  • Wednesday A
  • Wednesday B
  • Wednesday C
  • Wednesday Rec
  • Thursday B (top 4 ranked teams after the 2 seasons- will play for the 'Thursday B league championship')
  • Thursday C (next 4 ranked teams after the 2 seasons- will play for the 'Thursday C league championship')
  • Friday  (top 4 ranked teams after the 2 seasons- will play for the 'Friday league championship')
  • Saturday (top 4 ranked teams after the 2 seasons- will play for the 'Saturday league championship')
  • Sunday A
  • Sunday B
  • Sunday C
  • Sunday Rec
  • Sunday COED (top 4 ranked CoEd teams after the 2 seasons- will play for the 'CoEd league championship')


Legal Guarding position (1 min)

Legal defensive position is that you are square (in front of) opponent prior to their final step of the move/shot. After the 'moment' of being in front and in 'legal guarding position'- you can be moving backward and/or jumping up and contact should be legal, as seen in this video; in fact, if you are in front and displaced, it can be a charge call.

Incidental contact (21 sec)

This play could have been a no-call as the contact seems very incidental ('incidental' meaning- the contact did not create an unfair advantage for the person being contacted). This video seems to show a defender flopping, not a defender displaced by contact and therefore this could just as easily be a 'no-call' from the referee as the contact was incidental.

Incidental contact (26sec) example 2

Defense gets to position prior to final step of offensive player- thus, the contact is going to be a no call or an offensive foul (offensive foul if the offensive player then displaces/dislodges the defender).

No Call - On a Shot (40 sec)

This is a no-call because the defense is there. Restated - contact is legal if the defense is there first.

No Call - On a Shot (1 min) example 2

This could be a no-call as the contact is not creating a disadvantage and trained referees know that a foul requires three things: 1) illegal position with 2) contact and 3) a disadvantage created and as the ball goes in pretty easily in this video, it kind of makes the argument that there was not really a disadvantage created.

Block/Charge? (36 sec)

Defense gets to position prior to final step of offensive player- thus, the contact is going to be a no call or an offensive foul (offensive foul if the offensive player then displaces/dislodges the defender).

Block/Charge? (1 min) example 2

This looks like a good call (a defensive foul). Plus if you think about it- a defender really should be 'defending'- not setting up for flops. A defender is a player trying to legally impede an offensive player from scoring- but the guy in the video is not trying to prevent scoring as much as he is trying to 'work the referees'.

Various Examples of Foul Calls (6 minutes)

PortlandBasketball.Com encourages players and referees to watch this video. There are 10 explanations of fouls vs 'no calls' vs charges in this training video.

Law of Verticality (1 minute)

If defender gets "in front of" an offensive player prior to that offensive player's final step of his move/shot, than that defender is entitled to (law of verticality) to the space behind him and 'to the ceiling'; in other words the defender can jump straight up (but- proof of jumping straight up- is that defender landed close to the same spot on floor when coming down). Important- for safety- to understand this concept of jumping straight up as opposed to jumping outward.

Law of Verticality (6 minutes) explanation

All players in PortlandBasketball.com, for safety reasons, need to watch this video explanation of the law of verticality and how it relates to safety- thank you.

2016 Verticality Rule

2016 Definition of a Foul &/or a No-Call