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  • Every player must match in color & have a #
  • Undershirts must match in color as well
  • Team captain is required to bring spare jerseys in case a player forgets

Why such strict rules regarding uniforms? Answer

  1. As teams look better- they seem to play better
  2. Its more fun for you to play against an organized looking team
  3. Referees can call a better game with clean-colors vs clean-colors
  4. After 8,000 games/20 years we believe this thanks for understanding


Jersey option- reversible black/white jerseys shown (to the RIGHT) cost $20 per jersey. The quality of this black-white jersey is average. This jersey is a reversible mesh jersey with logo on front of both sides and # on the back of both sides. Note- black/whites run nearly a half size big (this would mean that- if a player is inbetween a Large and XL- have them order the L) (communicate this to your teammates- before you order).


How to order if you only need 1 or 2 jerseys: if you only need 1 jersey or 2 jerseys- text 503-380-4539 and let us know where you play next so we can let you know if you can get the jersey at the gym itself. If you live in Beaverton area or near Murray & Scholls area, you can pick them up from the league directly but to restate this- if you tell us where you play next- we can typically let you know if the referee at that gym has uniforms to sell (75% of the gyms we arunning in- will have refereess with-uniforms that can sell to you directly).

How to order if you need a TEAM set of uniforms:

  • Text (503) 380-4539 with the sizes you want (you cannot pick #s as the #s are alll random & pre-printed to get us this low/bulk price)
  • Go to the main page of this web site (PortlandBasketball.com) & Click "Make Payment". When it asks what team you are paying for put 'uniforms' & your team name.

  • You can pick up the uniforms today (these are all in stock - we carry 1,000 jerseys in all sizes). Location for picking up jerseys is usually in Beaverton but we can discuss by texting 503-380-4539

Washing instructions: You can wash normal -or- wash as delicates- but the key is in drying the uniform. Drying instructions: Dry on normal heat 10 minutes maximum but this drying process is better done on low heat (mostly air for 20 minutes). After, hang to dry jerseys in garage (less wear & tear on logo). Restated: dry these uniforms 'just enough- DO NOT over-dry. The logo on the blue-black jersey will crack over time but drying correctly will help that process be delayed as long as possible.

Is there a cheaper option? we hope you do not choose this option but if need be, go to Target or Walgreens and find 8 matching discount T-shirts of any kind (Target you can probably find odd T-shirts that match at $6 each on some closeout rack) (Walgreens sells T-shirts for $1.99). We do not like this option- its not fun for you to look like this (and the opponent is paying for the fantasy of a real game not a scrappy open gym looking game) but it does meet our minimal uniform requirement. You would need to write #s on each shirt.