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PortlandBasketball.com Masters Over 40 Basketball programs

A general introduction video- describing the 4 products described below

1. Masters 40+ Basketball LEAGUE- $483 per TEAM for 7 games (plays on Wednesdays)


Start date: Adult basketball league on Wednesdays (8 seasons per year- so you can bring your team in- pretty much any time)

What if my team cannot play on Wednesdays: you can be a Masters team and still play on other days (there are Masters Aged teams on all days really, but its just that there are a lot of Masters aged teams on Wednesdays).

Eligibility to be called a 'Masters' team- two ways to be a MASTERS AGED TEAM: If your team is all over 40 years old, you are a Masters team. ALSO- if your team is all over 40 years old except 1 player below that age- but you still average 42 years in age or above (collective average), then you are a Masters team.

How season works: just like the regular league that teams are used to (your team will play 7 games in a season). If you play on Wednesays, most games will be against Masters Aged teams.

Playoffs: to understand how playoffs work, click on Wednesday- and then click on the tab called Playoffs.

How is the LEAGUE doing in terms of Masters aged teams playing either Masters Aged teams or similar style/speed of play?


2. Masters 40+ Basketball INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS - join up with 1 of these 3 teams:

1. Wednesday Masters Eastside House Team. This team will play on the EAST SIDE (along I-205 corridor). Game times will range from 8:30pm - 9:25pm. Cost for this team is $79 per player. The roster will be six players total.

2.  Friday Masters Westside House Team. This team will play on WEST SIDE/Beaverton area. Game times will range from 7:00pm - 7:55pm at Hillside Community Center in NW Portland. Cost for this team is $59 per player. The roster will be six players total.

3. Sunday Masters House Team. This team will play in the center of the PDX (Hillside Community Center at 653 NW Culpepper Terrace Portland Oregon). Game times will be right around 2:45pm every Sunday. Cost for this team is $69 per player. The roster will be six players total.

Can I get to know the guys first: not really- you just have to join- and away we go. There will be no refunds for any reason.

How to join: go to our main page portlandbasketball.com and click MAKE PAYMENT button, pay this amount- when it asks you what team it is for- put the name of the team (above). Text 503-597-8819 to check on whether we got the payment- whether we got you on the roster- but know that- yes if you paid, you are on the team. As to start dates- well- you can join any time- just text this question to both 503-380-4539 and 503-597-8819 "is there room on the Masters House team for me? Has the season started? If Im late to join, how much is the pro-rated amount I shuld pay to join this team late".

How is this individual teams program doing so far?

88 100

3. Masters 40+ Basketball extra workouts - for Masters players- available 7 days per week

Extra game you can play in- up to 7 days per week of options for you: take a look at the page on our site called PicktoPlay

Where-When: PicktoPlay is a neat program whereby you can play any of 360 days per year- in a single-game commitment (30 games to choose from per week).

Cost: see the PicktoPlay page to see various game options (note- anyone can play PicktoPlay so a typical team of 6 guys signing up- is perhaps 1 or 2 masters aged players and 4 to 5 regular aged players... so to restate this- PicktoPlay is not a Masters program but we wanted to share this playing option with you- in case- you want more workouts or your schedule opens up certain days that do not always match up with the Masters Aged- game options.

How is the PICKTOPLAY program working out for players?

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Masters 40+ Basketball: about the TOP 25 MASTERS RANKINGS- how does that work

About the top 25 rankings: all Masters teams will be ranked #1 through #25 (from all the days). At the end of any given season- after everyone has played their 7 games, your team will 'finish' in the top 25. If you are playing on Wednesday, you will also play a tournament to find the true Masters Champion (championship determined on the floor)- but if you are a Masters Team from the other 6 days (not Wednesdays), this Rankings system- will be your gauge of how your team stacks up with the other Masters team.

4. Masters 40+ Basketball OUT OF TOWN TOURNAMENT TEAMS- how you can participate

Bend 3-on-3 Tournament for Masters Aged players (this is a 3-on-3 tournament for 2017; by 2018, this should change to become a 5-on-5 tournament)

Who: Ages 40 & above

What: Single Day Tournament in Bend (starts 9am on Saturday) (finished around 3pm Saturday) = whole evening FREE to enjoy Bend!

When: Saturday June 10th, 2017

Where: Bend Hoops (a beautiful basketball facility in Bend Oregon)

Why: enjoy Bend Oregon with friends &/or family but get a great workout while there!

Is PortlandBasketball.com going to put a team in this? the answer is yes so if your interested, get your payment in now to hold your spot. We anticipate that between 3 players (one team at least- owner Mikal Duilio is playing in this) and perhaps as many as 15 players will sign up. Each player would be on their own to get down to Bend- and get their own hotels- etc. but feel free to ask Mikal at 503-380-4539 for recommendations for great places to stay- eat- etc.

Cost: $60 per individual (teams will carry between 3 and 4 players maximum- so tons of playing time for you if you take part in this tournament)

How are we doing building Masters Aged teams for these out of town tournaments?

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