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COVID-19 Re-opening Policies

Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Covid-19 Safety Protocols In compliance with the statewide mask mandate, all participants are always required to wear a mask at all Peaceful and Recreational Athletics events.

Peaceful and Recreational Athletics will abide by all state and local guidelines for facilities and events. Social distancing is required when not on the field of play. This includes on sidelines, bathrooms, benches, etc.

Any person experiencing any symptoms of sickness will be prohibited from attending any event or access to a venue. Please respect others and do not attend Peaceful and Recreational Athletics Leagues if you are feeling sick or have a fever or any other symptoms.

Players must ALWAYS keep proper social distance from referees/umpires/league managers. Only a team captain may approach a staff member to ask questions or get clarifications. Yelling will not be permitted and there will be zero tolerance on this.

No handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, contact between teams. Players are encouraged to wish the other team well vocally or by tipping hat, etc.

Participants must provide their own PPE items that do not compromise the safety of the game. Participants may bring their own antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer to leagues for their team.


• Teams swap sides using the right side of the court, respectively

• Substitute players must stand near the back fence or back of court (6 feet apart) and rotate in at server position

• One team to exit court at a time beginning with team on side closest to exit

• Volleyballs will be sanitized between each game using provided sanitizer per court


• Teams will switch sides on their respective right side of net

• Balls will be disinfected between matches