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High School BBall Development League (known as- the 'D' league)

9th through 12th graders from any school. This program is in cooperation with the PIL so we expect a lot of teams from Portland in this league but you can be from any school and participate in this league. We will take INDIVIDUAL players too; in fact, most players who sign up are individuals and we form various teams for such players. Terrance Dickens will be managing and coaching the individual player teams.

Basketball league (10 game season) for high school aged players. The court is a college sized court- and the games are really long- two 25-minute halves! Tons of playing time!

Sundays starting November 25th, 2018 with an option for your team to delay starting till the first Sunday in December 2nd (and still get the full 10 games). Teams will play around 3 Saturday games and 7 Sunday games and the season will run and be done in 7 weeks. Another season will occur (another - separate 10 game option) after this season ends. Saturday game times are in the 5pm,6pm,7pm range while Sunday game times range from 2:45pm-745pm.

Columbia Christian School - 9100 East Burnside Portland Oregon (this gym is- centrally located to the entire eastside- easy to get to- especially on a Sunday). Even from Vancouver to Gresham to West Linn- this gym is only 18 to 20 minutes from your home (especially with lighter traffic on a Sunday).

Enjoy a 10 game season- join as an individual or with a group of friends.

How to join/register/pay:
Pay below and in doing so- we will capture your contact info to text you back for any information we need. Cost is $150 per player for a 10-game season. Once you pay, you are IN. When you are in this payment page, it will ask you what team you are paying for- put High School in that line and mention the school you go to as well. If you want to play with certain buddies- simply mention that- by text to league director Terrance Dickens at 5038053311 or put it in the payment page section where we allow a 'note'.

Contact: Terrance Dickens 5038053311

Make a Payment for HS League

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