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Background on our adult basketball business- renting to trainers

Background on renting to trainers: for 26 years I have run adult leagues- and trainers wanted gym time from me as I book as many as 8,000 hours per year and sometimes I control the whole gym (lease)- but it never has worked out with trainers as- it ends up being a ton of arranging/coordinating for what ends up being 1 or 2 rentals. Also- everything we do with my business is based on getting to 40 weeks (so any sport, any rental, anything we do is based on 'every week for at least 40 weeks or we do not do it'). That said... I thought of a solution-

Issues and a solution

Issue- I would hold a spot for a trainer who might change his/her mind and not use the spot, or the trainer randomly gets access to a free gym somewhere or perhaps the kids dont want to come in that day... and I would get left with an unused and costly gym hour... Solution: I should find '90 minute spots for trainers' but then text it- out to 20 trainers (or parents who train their own kids)- as a text that reads 'who wants this spot?' and in that sense it WILL book ... vs me working with one trainer and getting left holding the bag (very expensive indoor gym time). So with that said, I am doing that and also listing all of these rental spots- on our PicktoPlay link-

Cost of this gym rental

COST for the trainer for this 90 minute package of 3 hoops (half of the Columbia Christian School facility) - is $35 plus $5 for every human past the trainer and one kid. Spectators are discouraged because of Covid, not allowed anywhere in the gym- at all, unless they pay $5 as a participant (bc we have to monitor where they are, we have to take their temperature, etc so to restate this- if a parent is in the gym the trainer will be charged $5. Example of cost: you show up and it's you (the trainer) plus 3 kids and a parent (parent who wants to watch- or a parent who enters the gym to talk with you at the beginning) = the cost then is $35 for the gym PLUS an additional $5 each for the next 3 kids PLUS $5 for the spectator... for a total of $55).

Covid Policies (15)

COVID POLICIES (14 policies): 1) you cannot have more than nine people training at a time & everyone must wear a mask when in the gym... 2) players can step outside to get some fresh air, not wear a mask- if social distanced... 3) anyone feeling sick should not attend... 4) supervisor will check temperature upon entry... 5) fresh air will occur from doors open to the outdoors... 6) there will be time/space between one group and the next activity... 7) for basketball only- training cannot involve contact, 8) temperature check... 9) no high fives, fist bumps, etc... 10) one entrance in (main entrance doors) and separate entrance out (near parking lot)... 1) bring your own equipment if you can although we do loan equipment at the site... 12) bring water bottles (no use of water fountain)... 13) no spectators unless they pay the fee as participants... 14) there will be sanitization of equipment and common areas and 15) when your event ends, socializing or discussions- have to occur on your own, social distance- at the cars- NOT in the gym as we have to have group out, clean gym before the next group comes in.


Rules for your training during COVID... and How to BOOK this

1) no yelling and cursing as the other court will have other people doing things... 2) you cannot- for my own reasons put players through grueling physical workouts that could lead to injury or emergency- yes this is a sport but if your situation is that intense, we are not the right fit... Finally HOW do you book? you will see on the PicktoPlay page- where we LIST these rentals- it says to text both 5035978819 and 5033804539 saying you want the spot and then be prepared to pay to hold it.

Questions not answered on this page or the PicktoPlay page (the page where you find the times)

If  you have any question, shoot it over bc I'm sure that the other 15 trainers I know, will have the same question Thanks, Mikal Duilio 5033804539

If you are training 2 kids or less - here is cheaper option

Another option for trainers- IF you are just working with 1 or 2 kids is to use a different option instead. We offer '45 minute single hoop rentals' (intended for individual people shooting around but this might work for the trainer with only 1 kid coming in or 2 kids... that said, with this program you cannot bring equipment into the gym).

Where you can find these GYM RENTAL listings

Go to- www.portlandbasketball.com/picktoplay.php and you will see the listings there-